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Trailridge PTA (TREPTA) is using MySchoolAnywhere (MSA) to deliver a new service and convenience to parents and staff members.

What is MSA?

MSA is an online application (website and phone-app) that manages these important features for TREPTA:

  • Directory of students, parents, and staff
  • PTA Memberships for parents and staff
  • Volunteer Signup and Management
  • PTA Store for parents and staff (memberships, event tickets, Read-A-Thon donations, … )
  • Room Helpers and event-planning for classrooms
  • Easier communication

How does it work? 
  1. Parents and Staff can sign-up for access.
  2. Access will be approved to ensure that only parents and staff members of Trailridge are included.
  3. Parents can create their family profile and decide what information to include in the directory.  The app allows for multiple households for families not living together.  Each parent can have a separate login.  Parents will not need to repeat this process each year.  Students will be assigned to their new teacher(s) each year.
  4. (optional) Download the mobile app


Who sees the Directory?

PTA sponsoring members can view the directory.

If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a member and sponsoring TREPTA.  You can become a member once you’re in MSA.

Again, parents decide what information can be viewed.

I’m not going to join PTA, why should I include anything in the directory?

The directory is most often used to send messages to parents by class or grade, to coordinate in-class events, field trips, etc.  You should include contact information so you receive information about happenings in your classroom(s).

Is the Directory and app “safe”?

Neither Trailridge nor TREPTA can answer this question for you.  As with all sites and applications, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your information.
MSA’s privacy policy is here.  Security details are here. You should review this and contact them directly if you have concerns.

How do I volunteer for events?

Once you’re in MSA, you will see volunteer opportunities as they become available.  Then, you can just click the one you want and you’re done.

What if I have trouble signing up or logging in?

MSA offers help to parents. Visit their support site for FAQ and their contact form.
If you’re still having trouble, you can send an email to We will try to assist but remember that we’re all volunteers and we may not be able to get to it right away.

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