Trailridge Elementary’s Parents and Teachers Association (TREPTA) provides an opportunity for involvement by parents, teachers, staff, students, and the community.  These groups of people can have powerful and positive effects on our children and PTA fosters interaction, communication, and cooperation among them.


TREPTA is a community of appreciation.  We appreciate the roles each of us play in education and community.


TREPTA raises money for a variety of opportunities and initiatives that otherwise may not happen.  Every member of PTA is a volunteer and every dollar raised supports PTA initiatives.

Initiatives include

  • Sending every student on an expenses paid Field Trip
  • Providing at least $50 to every teacher for classroom expenses, supplies, and decor
  • Providing $500 to the library each year for books and supplies
  • Providing $500 to the Robotics program for equipment and supplies
  • Creating incentive funds for teachers in which additional classroom funding can be provided
  • Supporting Art, Music, and PE programs
  • Showing appreciation for the teachers and staff

Our full budget will be available for your perusal on the Documents page under Online Resources.

Approach to fundraising

Traditionally, PTAs tend to raise funds throughout the school year offering book and magazine drives, cookie dough, discount cards and booklets, etc.  These fundraisers can be successful, but require students to sell products to their families, friends, and neighbors multiple times throughout the year and the PTA receives only a portion of the proceeds.  TREPTA takes a different approach in that we have ONE fundraiser for the entire year.  The annual Read-A-Thon encourages students to read while including them in the fundraising process.  Having only one fundraiser saves valuable time and effort for students and parents and ALL of the proceeds benefit TREPTA.


Our sponsoring members are an important part of our fundraising.  We are upfront about our goals and needs and our sponsoring members respond with direct funding.  Purchasing a membership is the easiest and most-direct way to support your PTA.